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Valuations and Probates

Would you like to know what your artworks are worth? Well look no further.  Old Masters Gallery has  established links with seasoned curators and auction house experts together with a comprehensive database of specialist to help with professional valuation for both insurance and probate purposes. The cost of which is dependent on type of service, timescale and location. We would be happy to provide you with either a telephone quote or a written quote (which can either be posted or emailed)

Ever Wanted to Own a Painting by an Old Master?

It’s a dream that many of us have for one day, but with Old Masters Gallery, that ‘one day’ may be closer than you think. Our gallery brings you the greatest fine art paintings by heavyweights such as Monet, Picasso, Goya, Pissarro, and Rembrant, without the often astronomical overheads and commission associated with other dealers and auction houses. If you’re a new collector, keen to invest in art but not knowing where to begin, the Old Masters Gallery team are on hand to advise and find you the best prices on recognised masterworks.

We’re Here To Help You

The Old Masters Gallery is keen to consider works by master artists from any era, including living artists - this also includes contemporary and modern ‘Masters’ of their medium. To be specific, The Old Masters Gallery specialises in dealing in works that are highly sought after and have a value which exceeds six figures. We’re also able to source pieces by leading Chinese artists, including Zao Wou-Ki and Zhang Daqian – just contact us to find out more.

Have an Old Master Painting to Sell but Not Sure Where to Turn?

With experience garnered in the UK's top auction houses, including Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams, and other regional sales rooms, The Old Masters Gallery team are here to provide accurate art sale valuations. We also buy direct, or act as an agent in fine art painting sales. This means you’ll get the best price for your old master painting without any of the administrative or logistical worry associated with a high-value transaction. The Old Masters Gallery fine art advisers deal with everything for you – from framing, to shipping, to insurance, and even curation. Get in touch to talk it through.

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17th century and earlier
Here you'll find biographies and works of art by the Masters of art from the 17th century or earlier.  
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Here you'll find biographies and works of art by the Masters of art from the 18th century.  
19th century
Here you'll find biographies and works of art by the Masters of art from the 19th century.  
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Here you'll find biographies and works of art by the Masters of art from the 20th century or later.  

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