About Us

Who are We?

Hi, I’m Saleh, head art aficionado at The Old Masters Gallery. As you might imagine, it was a passion for history’s great paintings that lead me to start dealing them. I work with an awesome team of valuers, framers, restorers and fine art advisors, who in combination have experience from all of the UK’s top auction houses, including Bonhams, Christie’s, Sotheby’s and a great deal of regional sales rooms.


We set up the Old Masters Gallery because we felt that the over-inflated commissions and astronomical overhead charges levied by London fine art dealers were unnecessary. And since setting up the gallery, we’ve proved that we can supply expert fine art advisor service, whilst sourcing top Old Master paintings, without the London prices.


What is an Old Master?


Christies defines an Old Master as a “European Artist from the period of 14th Century to early 19th Century”.  However, the Old Masters Gallery is keen to consider works by master artists from any era, including living artists – we also deal with contemporary ‘Masters’ of their medium.  To be specific, The Old Masters Gallery specialises in dealing works with a value of £60,000 and over.


We also believe that Old Masters aren’t just European – that would just leave out vast swathes of art history in both North America and Asia, and that’s why we’re always keen to source and sell fine art pieces from these continents, too.


As client confidentiality is of paramount importance, we don’t display every painting we have for sale. That’s why it’s important to get in touch to discover which sought-after pieces we have ready for acquisition.