Fine Art Consultancy


So how do you know which art work, from what period is going to be the right “painting” for you?

You will find that there are so many other questions which will need to be answered equally before you come to a decision, even then you wont be sure. Well at Old Masters Gallery we realise that with so many choices for  paintings that are out there you will only need to fall in love with only one painting to get you really interested.

Using our vast networks on a global scale  we can help you find  suitable artworks more to your liking. So whether you wanted a 17th Century Old Master, to possibly a specific artwork by say Pollock we would be keen to help you find such artwork. Using our knowledge of the current art market we will then give you a professional opinion on value and any other information that you require to help you “make an informed decision”.

When you are ready to make such decision we will then be at hand to negotiate a price on your behalf at the same time keeping your anonymity.


Valuations and Probates

Would you like to know what your artworks are worth? Well look no further.  Old Masters Gallery has  established links with seasoned curators and auction house experts together with a comprehensive database of specialist to help with professional valuation for both insurance and probate purposes.  The cost of which is dependent on type of service, timescale and location. We would be happy to provide you with either a telephone quote or a written quote (which can either be posted or emailed)